Inti Creates' Card-en-Ciel releases worldwide for PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X, Switch, PC Steam on October 24

Inti Creates has confirmed the release date for Card-en-Ciel. The roguelite card-based battle RPG will be available digitally on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam simultaneously worldwide on October 24.

Card-en-Ciel will feature the protagonist traversing through cyber-space dungeons, and encountering enemy symbols will trigger a battle on a 6x3 square grid with card-based skills. At first glance, the gameplay system is very heavily inspired by the Mega Man Battle Network series. The similarity is even more striking considering that Inti Creates first made their name as the developer studio behind Capcom's Mega Man Zero series. But even though the studio was not involved in the mainline Battle Network games, they did work on the action-less card-based battle spin-off Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge.

This was not the first time Inti Creates revealed Card-en-Ciel though. The company had previously published a Project Kickoff trailer two months ago in March. But while the trailer also confirmed the platforms, it did not specify the exact release date back then.

While the game will be mostly only available digitally, Inti Creates will release physical editions for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch exclusively in Japan. The physical copies will also include a serial code that gives players access to Divine Dynamo Flamefrit, the hero robot action game that also appears as one of the titles in Card-en-Ciel's universe.

Find the new trailers, screenshots, and Steam fact sheet for Card-en-Ciel right below. The game will have Japanese and English voiceover options, with additional subtitles in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Gameplay Reveal Trailer - English voiceover version

Gameplay Reveal Trailer - Japanese voiceover version

Card-en-Ciel screenshots

Card-en-Ciel is a deckbuilding, roguelite RPG adventure featuring over 300 characters and 50 vocal songs.
Earn a chance to recruit a new ally with each victory, opening up new strategies and combos.

Cards can be used for their effects, for movement, or their Special Skills.
Choosing the right mode for each card is key!

The true value of each card comes out when you combine it with other cards.
On top of that, you'll use the Muses' song abilities, hidden card "glitches", and even your enemies' attacks against them to perform satisfying, full power combos!