Vanillaware is hiring new staff to help develop a new Fantasy Action RPG

Vanillaware revealed that they are hiring new staff to help the studio develop a new fantasy action RPG. The game's genre was revealed via the studio's tweet on the official X account.

The positions in question are Programmer, 2D Animator, and Background Designer. The requirements barely mention any specific programming languages or tools. However, the Programmer requirements specifically mentioned knowledge of C++ language and interest in engines like DirectX. Meanwhile, the 2D Animator slot will require the ability to draw humans and animals. The minimum basic salary offered will range between ¥220,000-¥250,000 (~$1,400-$1,600), depending on whether the applicant just graduated from vocational college or university, or is in the middle of their career.

Fantasy action RPG has been a well-established genre for Vanillaware. Two of their most well-known franchises, Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere, fit the bill very well. The recruitment image also features new illustrations of characters that are reminiscent of the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown and Gwendolyn in Odin Sphere.

Vanillaware's most recent titles had strayed away from the genre though. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim featured a real-time strategy gameplay with a science fiction setting, while Unicorn Overlord was a strategy RPG. With the next game confirmed to be a fantasy action RPG, Vanillaware looks set to return to their staple genre.