Action RPG Last Moon set to launch in 2025 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC paying homage to classic 90s RPGs

Sköll Studio shared new details on their upcoming action RPG Last Moon that is set to fully release in 2025 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). The studio is located in Metz, France and has been working on the title for at least five years.

At the recent AG French Direct Spring 2024 showcase event, Sköll Studio announced that Last Moon will support local co-op for up to two players. The puzzles in the game will dynamically switch between 1-player or 2-player variants that will allow both people, if present, to actively contribute toward a solution together. If not, the puzzles will be structured in a way that solo players can do it themselves.

Developer Vincent Metallo expressed that titles such as Secret of ManaThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger inspired the development of Last Moon. It will feature nine worlds with varied enviroments. The Metroidvania and Soulslike genres were mentioned when it came to structure of its level design.

Last Moon will include eight different weapons with their own skill trees that can be leveled up. Over 30 unique runes are available to equip that will alter various abilities. A demo for Last Moon will be coming to Steam soon.

The latest trailer for Last Moon is available down below, along with more info and screenshots.

Last Moon is an action RPG that pays homage to the classics of the 90s. Step into the shoes of a Lunar Knight and traverse a vast, ruined world, confront tainted creatures and upgrade your abilities in your quest to restore peace.

While the giant If harbours life, human greed triggers the destruction of the Moon. Corrupted creatures appear, and the world falls into chaos. Only a true Lunar Knight can stop it, and it’s you. Armed with courage, your fate seems sealed, but will you manage to save the situation and bring peace to If?

Smooth and tuned controls, alone or with a friend
Dodge, block and slay the corrupted creatures! All controls and movements are narrowly tuned to give the best game experience mixing old school and new generation action-RPG. Local co-op will allow players to embark on this journey with a friend.

Become more powerful
Upgrade your Lunar Knight powers, forge your weapons, choose your skills and fight with corrupted creatures to increase your weapons mastery levels.

Choose your playstyle
Find and equip more than 30 Runes of the Ancients scattered and hidden around If's world. Choose wisely the runes to equip to make the best fighting strategy and adapt it to the situation as you will have to fight more than 50 unique monsters.

Explore a living world
Experience the day and night cycles and discover the differences, the inaccessible places and the secrets hidden at different times but be careful with the night, dangerous creatures are sometimes hidden in the shadows…


  • Play your own way, solo or with a friend: Choose among 8 weapons, more than 30 runes, 10 summoning spells and learn up to 70 skills to match your playstyle. Play alone, or be joined by a friend in local co-op to live this great adventure together.
  • A huge bestiary: Face more than 50 unique monsters created by the Lunar Corruption! The giant If is invaded by all sorts of corrupted creatures and huge bosses that you will have to fight to restore the peace.
  • A unique & hand-crafted world: Feel the wind through the foliages, explore sinuous and interconnected paths, and discover unique environments with a lovely, cute and charismatic character.
  • Be part of Selene Village: Save the Selene villagers from corruption and take advantage of their help to rebuild the village and help you to bring peace back.
Last Moon