Lost Hellden introduces its Hybrid Turn-Based Action Combat in a Developer Diary

Artisan Studios unveiled the combat system in their upcoming RPG Lost Hellden  in a developer diary video. The game allows players to freely act in combat during set phases before the turn passes over to their foes.

In the developer diary, Artisan Studios first introduces how players traverse through a town and field. They walk through several screens while the town acts as if it's an interactible painting landscape that people can freely run around in. The provided English subtitles in the video even describes these scenes as a "living painting."

Players will be able to see enemies on the field and slash them to initiate combat. In a player's Action Phase, people can freely roam around the battlefield and spend each party member's action point pips to attack and execute abilities in real-time. Enemies do react to hits, but do not attack back. For players who want a slower pace to it, they can freeze the action by opening up the combat menu.

When all available action pips have been exhausted, players enter the Reaction Phase. Enemies will start relentlessly attacking players, so they must actively evade or guard incoming attacks. There will be windows in which counterattacking is available. Some skills and actions can only be executed in either the Action or Reaction Phase.

Foes that are continually hit by their elemental weakness enter a Pressured state for a limited time. While Presssured, they won't be able to act at all and receive more damage in that brief window. Pressuring enemies allow players to even have consecutive Action Phases in a row.

Lost Hellden is launching in 2025 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, GOG, Epic). Learn more about the title when it was recently announced a few months ago and watch the new combat dev diary down below.