Sega CD RPG 'Vay' to release for Steam this July

Following the release of Lunar Silver Star Story Touch for Google Play earlier this year, SoMoGa has announced that 1993 Sega CD RPG Vay will release for PC (Steam) this July.

SoMoGa originally ported the classic RPG to the iOS App Store in 2008, and this latest version will include several new improvements. If you haven't heard of Vay before, I highly recommend reading this 2015 column on the game from our friends at TouchArcade, which discusses the iOS version at the time.

The store page description for Vay can be found below.

The 16-bit cult classic RPG from 1994 returns with tons of improvements! When your peaceful kingdom is attacked on your wedding day and your wife-to-be is kidnapped, it falls to you to journey across the world and stop the terrible machines of war that threaten to lay waste to it.


  • User selectable difficulty makes this title great for both beginners and RPG veterans
  • Compelling and engrossing story
  • Nearly ten minutes of animated cutscenes with English and Japanese audio
  • Auto-save feature allows you to play in small increments
  • Over 100 enemies and a dozen challenging bosses
  • Over 90 expansive areas to explore
  • Updated music that loops seamlessly
  • Bluetooth controller support
  • Absolutely no microtransactions

Includes support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Vay Screenshots