Rune Factory: Project Dragon protagonists Subaru and Kaguya revealed

Marvelous has revealed more details about Rune Factory: Project Dragon at Marvelous Game Showcase 2024. One of the main highlights of the presentation is the revelation of the protagonists the player can choose in this game.

As with prior series entries, there will be a protagonist character available for each gender. The male protagonist is the vagrant hunter Subaru, and the female one will be the wandering shrine maiden Kaguya.

Project Dragon protagonist choice - Subaru and Kaguya

In addition to the characters, Shiro Maekawa announced two more major new features in Project Dragon. One of them will be the addition of new weapon types, such as Bow and Talisman. The other revelation will distinguish Project Dragon from other Rune Factory entries. While other series entries had the player save the worlds with farming, this game will have the protagonist save it by performing ritual dances as an Earth Dancer.

As a reminder, Project Dragon is not Rune Factory 6. In last year's edition, Marvelous revealed that they are working on both Project Dragon and the proper mainline sequel separately. In fact, this year's stream did not even cover Rune Factory 6 at all. And with Maekawa promising "just a bit more" until his team can release more information on Project Dragon, it is clear that this game will be released earlier, even though the team has still yet to announce its platforms or release window.

You can catch up with the Marvelous Game Showcase 2024 stream right below; English subtitles are available courtesy of Marvelous' official USA channel. The Rune Factory presentation begins at the 23:50 mark.

Following a brief history on the evolution of the Rune Factory series and how it has grown across nine titles released over 18 years, Rune Factory series Director Shiro Maekawa joined the stream to reveal a new video for Rune Factory: Project Dragon sharing a look at the title’s protagonists. Players can choose to play as either Subaru or Kaguya, two new Earthmates with a twist; they will use the power of dance, rather than farming, to communicate and interact with the world around them. This new approach to interacting with the world comes with non-combat tools, including parasols and drums; series staple weapons like swords; and brand-new weapon types to experiment with, including bows and talismans.