Extreme action RPG Tribe Nine reveals first gameplay as it makes its way to Steam and mobile devices

Akatsuki Games, under the supervision of Too Kyo Games, have unveiled the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming "extreme action RPG" Tribe Nine. The title is releasing on Steam, as well as iOS and Android devices. Tribe Nine will be holding a closed beta test on Steam in August 2024 and interested players can sign-up for it at the game's official website.

Players traverse with a party of up to three characters in Tribe Nine around Neo Tokyo in the year 20XX. They participate in "brutal life-or-death battles to reclaim their stolen dreams and freedom." As they travel around, there will be several puzzles to solve and mini-games to experience.

In battle, people take control of one character to actively roam around the battlefield and attack in real-time, while other party members perform actions on their own. Players can chain their attacks together through a Tension system.

An anime of Tribe Nine originally aired in January 2022, though it is unclear if this upcoming game on Steam and mobile devices will have any direct connection with it.

Watch the gameplay reveal of Tribe Nine below, along with more information and screenshots.

It's the year 20XX.

The story takes place in Neo Tokyo, a futuristic country ruled by deadly games. Groups of teens fight in brutal life-or-death battles to reclaim their stolen dreams and freedom.

Players control characters as they venture through the vibrant "City" of Neo Tokyo, taking down formidable enemies to liberate the city. The party consists of three characters who all fight on the battlefield simultaneously. Ally units will respond to the battle accordingly, luring enemies and healing allies. When the time is right, you can even unleash a combo attack by all three party members.

Each character possesses a unique personality, with various battle strategies and methods that change based on the combination of your party members.

In TRIBE NINE, players progress through the story by controlling characters and exploring Neo Tokyo, encountering battles and various other events on the city streets. Along the way, tasks come in one after another, such as acquiring items from streets and treasure chests, completing puzzles and other mini-games, and fulfilling requests from the town's residents.

Each playable character has their unique characteristics, which is reflected in their skills and actions, so you can experience various playstyles depending on the character.

In addition to leveling up your characters, you also have the freedom to select which stats to boost and what equipment to use. You could even try building a healer as an attacker! There are plenty of possibilities, so you can experiment with creating your own original build!

New main stories and cities will be added to TRIBE NINE through updates. Look forward to the ever-unfolding adventure of TRIBE NINE for free! (in-game purchases available)

Tribe Nine