Megaton Musashi W: Wired Version 3.1 adds new Rogue mechs, more postgame missions, and eases the barrier of entry to Megaton II difficulty

Level-5 has detailed the first major update coming to its mech action RPG Megaton Musashi W: Wired. It adds even more content to a game already filled to the brim with stuff to do. Version 3.1 adds two new Rogues, new weapons, several more postgame bosses, and much more.

The new Dragoknight and Amabushi Rogues are coming to Megaton Musashi W: Wired. Their parts will only start dropping at higher rarities with Dragoknight parts dropping in the Iconic Legendary and Iconic Legendary II tiers, while the Amabushi is locked away at the highest Relic Legendary rarity. Level-5 notes that they are planning even more Rogues to be added to the game at a later time.

Plus, the existing Armored Gaudia and Sparkman Wave Rogues will now start dropping Iconic II parts, so those that wanted more powerful versions of these Rogues can start building them full sets of them at this rarity.

Meanwhile, the Winged Animus and Musashi Wired boss fights at the end of the story campaign will now have high-difficulty Super Dreadnought Class Missions for players to challenge. More Megaton II bosses, such as the Yoshitsune Dragoon Exhaust and Diablos, will be added too.

Much of the playerbase that reached postgame attempting to get into the Megaton II difficulty had trouble ramping to it smoothly, so Level-5 has added "new missions with lower difficulty than previous Megaton II missions" in an attempt to get more people prepared for Megaton II missions.

The PvP Colosseum Battles will now allow players to use the collaboration mechs Mazinger Z and Getter Robo in them.

Other meaningful additions coming to Version 3.1 are increasing the time limit of Megaton II missions to 12 minutes, adding a new Motherboard Circuit that gives Super Armor while dashing, and changing the maximum number of items that can be held to 9999.

Megaton Musashi W: Wired is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).