Where Winds Meet gives a Behind the Scenes look with Stephen Tung Wai directing several action sequences

Netease and Everstone Studio have released a fascinating 5-minute Behind the Scenes video for upcoming open-world action RPG Where Winds Meet. The development team has collaborated with highly acclaimed action choreographer and film director Stephen Tung Wai to help direct action sequences for their upcoming game. It provides a deep look with a lot of on-set footage of the work put into the title's motion choreography and how Tung expertise helps elevate Where Winds Meet.

Tung is initimately involved in much of the game's development as he actively participates in working with motion set actors deliver the proper strikes and stances for thrilling action sequences. He describes how the process of directing action cinematography between movies and games are fundamentally different and require unique approaches. 

The developers realized that originally, their action setpieces weren't delivering on the impact they envisioned so they invited Tung to be involved in the development process for Where Winds Meet.

Where Winds Meet was recently announced to release on PlayStation 5, as well as PC previously though no release date has been announced yet.

Watch the captivating Behind the Scenes look on Where Winds Meet down below.