HoYoVerse profiles Zenless Zone Zero's mecha-fixated character Grace Howard

The next HoYoVerse-developed free-to-play RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, is due to launch on July 4, 2024. Ahead of that debut, the company has begun uploading character demo trailers to get potential players acquainted with the game's initial cast. The latest trailer focuses on Grace Howard, a "mech maniac" and one of the playable characters.

Zenless Zone Zero Grace Howard Character Demo Trailer

Grace Howard is a member of Belobog Heavy Industries, and is obsessed with robots and mechanical creatures, regarding them with maternal affection and calling them "children." She uses her nailgun-like weapon and electric shock grenades to quickly disable hostile mecha, stunning them long enough for her to take a look inside. She also works alongside other members of the Belobog agent team, including Anton Ivanov, Ben Bigger, and the company president, Koleda Belobog. As a combat character, she appears as an S-Rank Agent that does ranged Piercing damage and has Electric-element attacks.

HoYoVerse has gradually uploaded character demo videos over the past several months, covering prominent members of the launch roster. Before Grace's trailer, the most recent character demo focused on Von Lycaon, the wolf-like fighter associated with the maid-and-butler-themed Victoria Housekeeping agency.

Zenless Zone Zero Von Lycaon Character Demo Trailer

Zenless Zone Zero will launch on PS5, PC, Android and iOS simultaenously on July 4, 2024. Check out our detailed preview based on the 2nd beta test.