The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- strategy RPG announced for Switch and PC in 2025

Too Kyo Games and Media.Vision are working on The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy-, a new strategy RPG. Published by Aniplex, the game was revealed at the June 18, 2024 Nintendo Direct and will land on the Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2025.

The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- Announcement Trailer

The trailer features protagonist Takumi Sumino having his ordinary life violently upended by unusual monsters. Before long, Takumi and a gang of other students have been drafted into the roster of the Last Defense Academy, a mysterious school beseiged by the same monsters. Takumi and his new companions must defend the school for 100 days, facing tough decisions and sacrifices on the altar of saving the world from the invaders and returning to their normal lives.

The game will center around large defensive battles conducted by the students against invading enemies. Each student has specialized skills and attacks that can be used to turn the tide. Between battles, players will control Takumi and spend time with his teammates to form bonds, as well as explore the nearby wilderness for items.

The Hundred Line prominently displays an aesthetic reminiscent of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and its sequels. Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka and AI: The Somnium Files creator Kotaro Uchikoshi are co-credited with Directing and Scenario, while artist Rui Komatsuzaki of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code fame is providing the character designs. Creature designs come courtesy of artist shimadoriru, while Danganronpa series composer Masafumi Takada will serve as Audio Director.

The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- will launch in early 2025 on PC and Switch.

The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- Screenshots and Artwork