Fairy Tail 2 announced during June Nintendo Direct for Switch, PS5, PS4, and Steam

For those out there who are fans of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail, there's an exciting game to look out for this winter as Fairy Tail 2 was announced for a worldwide release this winter for Switch, PS5/PS4, and Steam. The game will cover the "Alvarez Empire" arc, and Fairy Tail 2 will see Natsu and his guild change genres from the first game's traditional turn-based combat to action RPG battles.

Fairy Tail 2 will feature open-area exploration, which will fit the action-based combat more. Depending on who's in the party, players can combine skills together to create bonuses for themselves in combat. Fairy Tail 2 also comes with "Character Stories", which will allow players to connect on a deeper level with their favourite characters, and will also feature a new original story called "Key to Hidden Secrets". This takes place after the events of the manga/anime which will also give more closure to series fans.

Fairy Tail 2 will release this winter, so keep an eye out for more news from the Fairy Tail guild. For those interested, here's the reveal trailer and additional screenshots:

Fairy Tail 2