Death end re;Quest Code Z town features explained in more detail

Compile Heart has updated the Japanese official site forĀ Death end re;Quest Code Z with even more gameplay system explanation pages. This new information wave has a particular focus on non-combat activities outside of dungeons.

The game will mostly take place in the series staple Sagami Town. The player will control the protagonist Sayaka Hiwatari in visiting various locations around the town. One of the most important locations will be theĀ Subway Station, where Sayaka can talk with the Ludens officer Snark to visit a specific Strain Area dungeon.

Sagami Town Map and Subway to Dungeons

A particular location in the town that the player will visit the most often will be the Night Owl cafe. Sayaka will be able to talk with the cafe manager Levin to customize her weapons with stat upgrade Patches and extra effect Memories.

The cafe will also have a skill tree that can gradually give Sayaka more resistance against death causes, such as reducing damage from traps. However, there is a catch here where the points required to unlock these skills are only acquired when the player gets a gory Game Over scene by having Sayaka killed.

Enhancing weapons and skills at Night Owl

The lodging room shared by Sayaka and Shina will also act as another key location. Sayaka will be able to check her inbox for request emails that can reward prizes upon their completion. Some of the rewards will include character figures and diorama sets that can be used in the room's Diorama mode.

Storage in Sayaka and Shina's room

Code Z will have three difficulty levels with different behaviors on item retentions following a Game Over:

  1. Normal: Everything (Items, money, levels, and weapon buffs) will be retained even after getting a Game Over
  2. Elite: Owned items and money will be reset after a Game Over
  3. Expert: In addition to the above, weapon buffs will also be reset. Sayaka will also have to start every new dungeon at Level 1.

The game will also have some optional retention features for players who choose the harder difficulty levels. Sayaka and Shina's room will have a closet and moneybox where the player can permanently store items and money. In addition, the Night Owl cafe will also have an Auto Backup feature where Sayaka can pay some money to save a weapon's buff states.

Death end re;Quest Code Z will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 19 in Japan. Compile Heart and Idea Factory have yet to confirm an English localization for this game as of this writing.