Shift Up announces crossover between Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and Dave the Diver starting July 4

Developer Shift Up has announced an unusual crossover partner for its shooting gacha RPG Goddess of Victory: NIKKE: The underwater exploration game Dave the Diver. The collaboration will begin for NIKKE players on July 4, 2024.

Crossover events are par for the course when it comes to free-to-play games, and NIKKE is no different in that regard. The game's first crossover was with the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, and the most recent collaboration involved the Re:ZERO fantasy franchise. Characters 2B, A2, and Pascal joined the playable roster after they appeared in a crossover with NieR: Automata

That said, unlike other collaborations that added playable units, the Dave the Diver crossover is being billed as a "mini-event" with a smaller scope than other crossover events.

The activity will involve the Nikke characters from the Aegis squad: Mast, Anchor, and Helm, as they investigate a mysterious, crossover-prompting "D-Wave" signal that teleports them into the tranquil world of Dave the Diver. There they'll explore underwater in a minigame that more or less replicates the Dave the Diver gameplay loop, and help Bancho run the sushi shop.

The event will debut cosmetic skins for Mast and Anchor that fans can earn (and purchase). Mast's outfit is tied to a reward pass-like progression system for the duration of the event, and changes her into a scuba diving wetsuit. Anchor will also don an oxygen tank and mask for her costume, which can be earned for free by playing the minigame.

Fans seeking more NIKKE-original events won't be disappointed, though, as Shift Up's plans for the game include a more traditional summer event, set to start on July 4 as well. The "Beauty Full Shot" event will introduce alternative versions of the characters Rosanna and Sakura, who are members of the Underworld Queen squad. Unlike cosmetic skins, the alternate versions, called Rosanna: Ocean Chic and Sakura: Bloom in Summer, are treated like separate characters from their originals. Meanwhile, the characters Viper, Maiden, and Guilty will receive skins.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Summer Event 2024