Fate/Grand Order lists 7 years of events and updates in its 7th anniversary trailer

Aniplex and developer Lasengle are celebrating the 7th anniversary of the English-language release of Fate/Grand Order in July 2024, and commemorated the occasion with a lengthy trailer covering the many events and story updates the game has received since its launch.

The trailer, called the Fate/Grand Order Re:Collection Movie, goes back seven years, to the global edition's launch period in 2017, and recounts the events released between then and 2024. The original Japanese version of the game launched in 2015, and will celebrate its 9th anniversary in August 2024 through the in-person FGO Expo event in Japan.

The trailer is narrated by Rie Takahashi (who also voiced Ai in Oshi no Ko and Hu Tao in Genshin Impact) in her role as Mash Kyrielight, FGO's main heroine. The roll of major narrative updates in FGO, such as the addition of new Singularity chapters and later, the stories of what Lasengle calls Fate/Grand Order Part 2: Cosmos in the Lostbelt, are interspersed with other limited-time events, like regular seasonal occurrences like Valentine's, Summer, and Halloween celebrations. The result is a goodly amount of tonal variance, as dramatic and serious storylines alternate with silly, irreverent, and canonically dubious seasonal encounters.

The trailer closes with a look at the latest story update launched in May 2024, Lostbelt 6.5, Realm of the Thanatos Impulse, Traum. The next major story update is the 7th Cosmos in the Lostbelt Chapter, expected late in 2024.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android.