Turn-based free-to-play RPG Heaven Burns Red receives an English release through publisher Yostar

Yostar announced that it is bringing turn-based free-to-play RPG Heaven Burns Red to the west. The title was co-developed by Wright Flyer Studios and Key; it initially released in Japan on February 10, 2022 for iOS and Android devices. Heaven Burns Red later received a release on Steam a few months later. It is currently unclear whether the English version of Heaven Burns Red will only be coming to mobile devices, or Steam as well.

Heaven Burns Red was written and composed by acclaimed author and musician Jun Maeda from Key. He worked on highly acclaimed works such as KanonAir, and Clannad. The release of Heaven Burns Red marks the first time Maeda returned as main scenario writer for a completely new game since 2007's Little Busters!

Players step into the role of a special all-girls squadron formed to battle unknown extraterrestrial life-forms called "the Phage". Each of the members in the squadrom wield a weapon called a "Seraph" which are the only types of weaponry that can fight against the dangerous Phage. All the girls in this anti-Phage squadron each possess a special talent.

In the English announcement trailer for Heaven Burns Red, the main cast of characters are introduced:

  • Ruka Kayamori - Former vocalist of the legendary rock band "She is Legend"
  • Yuki Izumi - Genius hacker from the "Orchids," a hacktivist organization
  • Megumi Aikawa - Self-proclaimed psychic from the Kansai region
  • Tsukasa Tojo - Beautiful-but-incompetent intel agent
  • Karen Asakura - Serial killer/FPS gamer girl with a split personality
  • Tama Kunimi - Genetically-engineered tiny-tot battleship captain

To learn more about the English release of Heaven Burns Red, watch the reveal trailer down below along with a special message from Jun Maeda and more information.

Heaven Burns Red English Reveal Trailer

A Special Message from Jun Maeda for the English Release of Heaven Burns Red

Publisher Yostar Games is thrilled to announce the English Version of its latest title, Heaven Burns Red, at Anime Expo 2024. Co-developed by WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS and VISUAL ARTS/Key, this story-driven RPG was first released in 2022 in Japan. It has garnered major accolades at the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards, claiming titles such as "Best Game 2022," "User Voting Category Game Category Grand Prize," and "Story Category Award."  

Discover the Intricate World of Heaven Burns Red

Besieged by mysterious life-forms known as "the Phage," Earth teeters on the brink of ruin. All human weaponry proved futile against the Phage's onslaught, and without any means to fight back, humanity has been forced to retreat. Land was forsaken, and nations were erased in the ensuing chaos. Now, over half of the Earth's surface has been lost to the Phage.

With little time left and the danger of extinction looming, humans developed a brand-new, ultimate weapon called "Seraph," and those endowed with Seraphim can finally fight against the Phage with vigor. Those who can master their Seraphim are gathered to create a special squadron, becoming humanity's last beacon of hope. They have one thing in common: they are all girls with special talents. Among them stands Ruka Kayamori, poised to throw herself into the war against the Phage. 

Highlights from Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red is a story-driven role-playing game co-developed by WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS and VISUAL ARTS/Key. This title is Jun Maeda's first completely new game in 15 years. As a narrative-centric RPG, Heaven Burns Red uses a timeline narrative design to advance the story, breaking new ground in the RPG genre by offering an engaging and evolving storyline driven by player choices. Players will experience fierce battles through the eyes of Ruka Kayamori as well as the value of each day in the deeply immersive world of Heaven Burns Red.