Fate/Grand Order English launches 7th Anniversary celebration with Archetype: EARTH and guaranteed SSR promos

Aniplex has officially kicked off the 7th Anniversary celebrations for the English-language edition of Fate/Grand Order, starting with the introduction of a new playable Servant based on the original breakout Type-Moon work, Tsukihime.

Fate/Grand Order Archetype: EARTH Preview

The anniversary character for this year is called Archetype: EARTH, who is a dead ringer for Arcueid Brunestud, the True Ancestor and one of the main heroines of Tsukihime and its remake, Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-. She enters the playable FGO roster as a Mooncancer-class Servant with some highly referential animations and a potent set of skills well-suited to repeatedly casting her Noble Phantasm attack and taking down Chaotic-alignment foes.

Alongside Archetype:EARTH's summoning banner, Aniplex also added a number of ways for players to obtain freebies and premium Saint Quartz currency. Completing a set of limited-time missions will reward players with various Tsukihime-themed items, including a Mystic Code based on the Souya High School uniform (worn by Shiki and Ciel), a Necoco Necolight Command Code, and a ticket to redeem two limited-time "Dream Portrait" decorative Craft Essences, which feature art of various Servants in country-themed costumes.

For those with a bit more Saint Quartz to burn, the game also received several two one-time opportunities to obtain a guaranteed 5-Star Servant. The first, called the Destiny Order Summon, will allow players to select a lineup of any 9 5-Star Servants: one from each core class, plus two dedicated extra-class slots. One of the two extra-class slots can be used to select any Ruler, Avenger, or Mooncancer, and the other can be used to select any Alter Ego, Foreigner, or Pretender. Summoning on the Destiny Order Summon will then guarantee that at least one of the player's selected Servants will appear in the results.

A more traditional guaranteed 5-Star summon also debuted alongside the Destiny Order Summon, in the form of a series of class-based banners, which guarantee one 5-Star Servant from the banner will drop. Players can only choose one of the class banners for their summon, though, and should choose wisely based on their Servant roster and character preferences.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android. The 7th Anniversary promotions will run through July 16, 2024.