Mecha turn-based strategy Metal Storm launches for PC, Android, and iOS in 2024 in Japan

HK Ten Tree revealed that they will release Metal Storm for PC, Android, and iOS in Japan in 2024. This title will be a turn-based strategy RPG that features customizable mechs. Players will be able to freely choose and paint the mechs' body parts, and during missions, they will have to manage AP (Action Points) for both movements and attacks that can deal damage to separate parts.

If the gameplay description above sounds very much like Front Mission, that is because this game actually used to be developed as one. ZLONGAME and Black Jack Studio used to work with Square Enix to develop a new entry in the latter's series, and they revealed it in April 2022 as Front Mission: Borderscape. However, it turned out that relations between the companies broke down in mid-December 2022, as ZLONGAME took down the official website and Twitter account for Front Mission: Borderscape and replaced them with a new original title: MechArashi.

ZLONGAME has since released MechArashi for PC and mobile devices in China last Winter, and the company is even holding an Evangelion crossover event as of this July. HK Ten Tree has also released a Chinese Android version of the game in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Metal Storm will thus be the new localized Japanese title for this game.

You can find the new Japanese teaser trailer for Metal Storm right below. The game has been available in Chinese-speaking regions as MechArashi. An English release for this game has yet to be confirmed.