Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Now Available

EA and Bioware have released Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut downloadable content for Xbox 360, finally offering fans the closure and clarification they were left screaming for when the game launched back in March.

The free DLC clocks in at just under 2gb and adds new CGI sequences, in-engine cutscenes, voice acting and more to help explain to fans exactly what happened in the final moments of the game.

Bioware have revealed that they wanted to put an especially large focus on giving players an opportunity to say goodbye to their love interest as well as a chance to see how their final choice and other smaller choices throughout the series impacts the galaxy beyond the end of the game.

The three core endings of the game remain with one new 'surprise' ending.

The expansion will launch for PC later today, and will land on PlayStation 3 before the week is out.

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