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Final Fantasy VII's PC rerelease is happening

Square Enix has just confirmed that Final Fantasy VII's PC rerelease is real.

We reported that Square Enix had working versions of the PC ports for FF7 and FF8 on Steam back in June of 2011. Rumours resurfaced last month, a year on, when an official website for the game was accidentally leaked by a Square Enix blunder. 

That website is now online

The game has been improved to actually run on modern hardware - unlike the previous PC port - and will ship with 36 achievements and the ability to share your profile online. This version of the game will also support Cloud Saves, meaning you can save on one PC and pick up elsewhere.

The 'Character Booster' will essentially let you cheat - need an item? A level up? A skill? You can add it to your character easily. This is likely based off the fan-made JENOVA software which let you do just this on the original FF7 PC port. Square Enix were experimenting with several fan-built patches when we reported on the PC versions last year.

It seems Steam has been canned, though - the website specific states the game will be "Available Exclusively on the SQUARE ENIX Store." The announcement trailer below backs that up.

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