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Capcom to announce "some sort of information" on Monster Hunter localisations by end of 2012

Capcom US VP Christian Svensson has teased news on western localisations of Monster Hunter games could come by the end of the year.

"Ok, part one, I’m not aware of anyone from Capcom saying "wait for comic-con".  Perhaps fan speculation," said Svensson on Capcom Unity when asked about a lack of presence of the series at Comic--Con.

"I will be more clear than I have ever been… Western MH fans should have some sort of information before the end of this calendar year.  I can’t say more than that unfortunately though I would love to."

Note the emphasis on the "some sort of information" bit. Does that indicate a localisation of Monster Hunter 3G and 4 for 3DS following the amazing success of the former in Japan and the all but guaranteed mega numbers the latter will pull in when it releases later this year?

The last Monster Hunter game to be fully localised in the west was Monster Hunter 3 for Wii in 2010.

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