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Toki to Towa Debut Trailer Released

After months of speculation with only a batch of screenshots and a release date, not much was really known about what Toki to Towa really looked like in motion. Well, it sames Imageepoch with Namco Bandai has finally listened to our prayers and delivered the first real trailer for their upcoming JRPG.

The game without a doubt is utilizing some pretty impressive technology to be able to have hand-drawn characters run around in fully 3D worlds. For some reason, my mind kept wandering back to Thousand Arms and how combat looked in that game. Let it be known however that this game certainly does have a visual style all of its own, and the sheer attention to detail especially with how it is able to blend the portraits with the animation of the characters is a treat for the eyes.

I am sure I speak for other members on our staff that we are looking forward to the release of this game and the hopeful localization to follow.

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