Final Fantasy III gets PSP box art, becomes OUYA launch title

Square Enix has revealed the Japanese box artwork for the PSP version of Final Fantasy III and confirmed that the title will be available for the upcoming OUYA machine on launch day.

The PSP box art is exactly what you'd expect - a pretty CGI render previously seen for the DS release featuring the four main characters, an airship, a Chocobo and the game's logo, drawn by Yoshitaka Amano. It's very Final Fantasy.

The OUYA launch was confirmed on a page of Square Enix Japan's website, caught by Square Portal, stating that the Android version of the title will be available for OUYA on launch. OUYA is a crowd-sourced, android-powered gaming machine - and can currently be read about and supported on the machine's kickstarter page.

Check out the PSP box art below. A Western release for FF3's PSP port is currently unannounced, but some Asian versions of the game do feature the full English translation.