Final Fantasy VII Appears on the Square Enix Store


It seems that only yesterday we were talking about the rumors surrounding Final Fantasy VII making its way onto the PC, and it seems that today, the game has finally been dropped on the Square Enix store. Those interested can find it by following this link.

As mentioned before, the game code has been edited to allow it to run on modern hardware without the need for patches, and includes 36 achievements for those of you into that sort of thing. This special digital download also enables the ability to have Cloud Saves, which allows players to save their game to an online server and access their data wherever they have an internet connection. The unusual 'Character Booster' trainer that grants players items, levels, and even materia to your party is also included.

The game is available for $11.99 exclusively on the Square Enix Store. The great thing about the PC version is that there are a lot of fantastic mods to check out that bring the game as close to a full HD remake as you can get on an amateur level. I have included a video below of some of these mods in action (though I don't personally know if mods work on this particular version). Time will tell whether its posting online was a mistake by some Square Enix employee getting ahead of themselves or not.

UPDATE: And it looks like it's down. We also heard that people were not able to use their serial codes on the gmaes as well. I guess we can expect refunds in the near future?


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