Final Fantasy VII PC re-release now available for purchase in Europe

Unlike the mistake from several days ago, it seems Square Enix - at least for Europe - has gone live with Final Fantasy VII for PC.

The game will be on sale for € 9.99 for a limited time, and can be exclusively purchased through Square Enix's own online shop.

The “updated” PC version of the game will support achievements, cloud saving and come with a character booster – effectively allowing you to cheat by upping your HP, MP, and Gil levels to maximum.

The minimum system requirements are:
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
2GHz Processor or faster
DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

Remember, this isn’t a remake – just a re-released version of the original PC version which was ported from the PS1 in 1998.

The North American side has yet to go live, but we imagine that will probably happen some time today.

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