Mass Effect 3 'Operation Patriot' Multiplayer Event this Weekend

Bioware has announced that there'll be another event within Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Mode this weekend - Operation Patriot.

Taking place from September 21st - 23rd, the Operation sets players the aim of destroying 600,000 Cerberus Atlas Mechs in that time period. If that number is reached by the userbase across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, all players will be awarded an in-game 'Victory Pack' containing weapons and equipment.

Individual squads have an additional goal this weekend - if a squad of two players or more successfully extract from a map on any difficulty with all the squad members playing as the same non-human race - for instance all-Asari or all-Krogan - they'll recieve a 'Commendation Pack' for their efforts. 

Bioware also released another cool-looking infographic showing off how players have been experiencing the multiplayer - check that out below.

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