Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC dated and priced

Bioware has used the last major show of the year, New York Comic Con, to reveal details about the next Mass Effect 3 expansion pack - which features a return to Omega.

The pack will launch on November 27th and cost 1200 Microsoft Points - making it the most expensive expansion pack in the series to date.

Leviathan and Lair of the Shadow Broker were both 800 Microsoft points - but this is more expensive and, Bioware claim, the largest expansion they've ever done.

The Omega mission stand will see the player aid crime queen Aria as she strives to retake the asteroid-based facility from Cerberus forces. It'll feature all-new characters incluidng a female Turian and a new, currently unknown enemy type. 

This can be heard directly from the producer of the game in this slightly strange YouTube video.

Bioware hasn't released any screens or assets from the DLC yet, but when they do we'll be sure to post 'em up.