Here's some screenshots and new information on Mass Effect 3: Omega

EA and Bioware have released a selection of screenshots from Mass Effect 3: Omega, the upcoming single-player DLC for their RPG epic.

The screens show off Commander Shepard's Male and Female forms taking back Omega by force with Aria and an all new hooded character in tow. Named Nyreen, the mysterious figure is the series' first on-screen female Turian.

She shares a lengthy history with Aria, and so through her players will learn more about Omega's queen of crime as the DLC progresses. The Normany and Shepard's regular squadmates will be absent from the DLC entirely. 

It's out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 28th, and we'll of course bring you a review in due course.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Screenshots
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