Nintendo confirm The Wind Waker HD and an all new Zelda for Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed the obvious in announcing an all-new The Legend of Zelda title for Wii U, but also confirmed that the game was far from being complete. They've thrown fans an additional bone to busy them in the meantime, though - a HD version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Speaking as part of today's Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata lamented the Gamecube's small install base and the fact that not many fans got to play The Wind Waker. Eiji Aonuma, head of the Zelda series since Majora's Mask, appeared on video to make a short statement about both titles, announcing their development.

The Wind Waker's HD reimagining will feature a graphical refresh, tuning to the core game, Wii U gamepad off-screen play and full Miiverse integration. The theme of the new Zelda title is in rethinking the conventions of the series, and embracing concepts such as tackling dungeons in any order you like or not playing alone. 

Several screengrabs were also shown in the video, offering up a comparison between the original Gamecube version of the game and the improved Wii U version. Check out the video below.