XSEED Games to localize a lot of games

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My, how only a couple weeks can completely turn around one's perception of Sony's Playstation Vita.

Hot off the announcement that Soul Sacrifice would be arriving in April, JRPG stalwart XSEED Games has announced a slew of game releases that will keep the 2013 calendar year pretty busy for fans of the genre.

First up we have Ys: Memories in Celceta for Playstation Vita, a re-imagining of Ys IV which was never released before in the West. Starring series' regular Adol Christin as he battles his amnesia trope as he explores the lands of Celceta. The game makes full use of the Vita platform by allowing players to perform actions such as using the rear touchpanel to issue commands to party members, and using the screen to move the camera and solve puzzles. and the more powerful hardware allowed developers Nihon Falcom to produce a far more refined and much high quality experience. Ys: Memories in Celceta will be released on the Playstation Vita in Fall 2013.

Next is Valhalla Knights III. Featuring a heavy character customization feature akin to earlier entries, players will be able to choose from a wide assortment of physical features, and will also be able to select their race and class. There are 7 races and 21 different classes to choose from. Races include Human, Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, Beast, Nightmare, and Machine. Classes include Prisoner, Mage, Fighter, Archer, Priest, Thief, and more. The game randomly chooses a personality for that character to ensure that no two people are ever the same. Up to 7-member parties can be created to fight 7-member clusters of the hordes of evil, and features ad-hoc multiplayer for local combat. Valhalla Knights III will arrive on the Playstation Vita this Fall.

Of course, the Nintendo 3DS will also be receiving some love in the form of Rune Factory 4, which will be the first time the series will have been seen on the platform. Taking control of a hero who falls from the sky and is mistaken for a prince or a princess (depending on the gender you choose at the beginning), the game will feature elements of romance, combat, monster taming, and of course, a lot of farming - think an Action RPG version of Harvest Moon and you have a good idea. The game experienced fantastic sales in Japan, going on to become the best-selling title in the series. I have personally never played Rune Factory before, but based on what I have heard of this game I would love to give it a try. Rune Factory 4 is slated this Summer for the Nintendo 3DS.

Finally, XSEED Games have also announced that they will continue their strong support of the Steam platform by bringing Ys I & II Chronicles+ for the platform. An enhanced remake of the first two games in the series, memory-deprived Adol Christin sets out to destroy the evil plaguing Esteria seeks to learn more about the mysteries surrounding the lost land of Ys. There's no word on what the "+" part in the title is supposed to signify other than it may just include Steamworks support. The game will launch on Steam on the PC in February.

With all of these announcements, are there any on ther that have really piqued your interest? For me, the idea of buying a Vita doesn't seem so outlandish anymore.