NIS America localizing three new games

During last night's annual press event in San Francisco, NIS America has announced that there will be three Japanese RPGs for the PlayStation 3 that will be localized and released over the upcoming months.

First off is Disgaea Dimenson 2: A Brighter Darkness, a direct sequel to the original Disgaea that brings back popular series stalwarts Laharl, Etna, and Flonne. Taking place 10 years following the events of the game, Laharl is basking in the glory of becoming the Overlord of the Netherworld. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be getting the recognition that he deserves with that role, so he heads out on a journey to make sure his peons will respect him. While on his adventure, Laharl will meet a girl who claims to be his sister.

Players should expect many of the same tried-and-true elements featured in previous titles, while enjoying plenty of enhancements over the original game, including the most in-depth character customization ever seen in Disgaea. The game is set to release this Fall.

Next is a game I am personally very excited about, The Guided Fate Paradox (known in Japan as The God and Fate Revolution Paradox). War has broken out between the realms of Heaven and Hell. After the massacre of angels, a new God must be chosen. A high school student by the name of Renya Kagurazaka randomly wins a chance to become God and several angels work together to help train Renya. This training consists of making wishes come true for people, usually fairytale figures like Cinderella, by manipulating their fate to allow this to happen.

A spiritual successor to Zettai Hero Project, a roguelike-esque dungeon crawler, The Guided Fate Paradox shares many of the same core mechanics. Players will be able to enter dungeons with another party member and assist each other in combat by doing everything from creating combos and throw them to better positions on the stage like in Disgaea. The game will also feature giant bosses that take up most of the battle arena, three dimensional or cube-like geometry for levels, and "God Mode", a state that grants Renya almighty power for a limited time. The Guided Fate Paradox will also be released during the Fall season.

And finally, we have yet another hotly-anticipated title, Time and Eternity (or Toki to Towa). The game begins with a wedding taking place between the Princess Toki and her knight, Zack. After being warned by the fortune teller Makimona that someone will be killed at her wedding, she has chosen to ignore the prediction and allow the occasion to proceed as normal. Before the princess is able to seal the vow with a kiss, an assassin leaps from the shadows and murders her husband-to-be.

Inflamed with anger, Princess Toki’s other personality, Towa, awakens and fights off the assassin. In order to learn of the connection between the witch, the assassin, and to find a way to prevent her beloved knight from dying, Toki and Towa travel back in time 6 months before the wedding. The time travelling mechanic is a focal point of the game.

After encountering different enemies sprawled in the field, battles are played out in sort of a rhythm-based format. The player can attack as many times as they want, building up a combo meter along the way. However, they have to learn and adapt for when the enemy will strike in order to dodge or even counter it and keep their combo going. Time and Eternity will be out sometime this Summer.

So there you have it. Three brand new games for fans to play later this year. With all the fantastic titles that we Westerners will be getting our greedy hands on, there should not be any shortage of fun to be had. What games are you excited about?