Rainbow Skies announced by Eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios

Rainbow Moon, a somewhat overlooked RPG gem on PSN which launched last year, is now set to recieve a sequel.  The thing is folks, you might have to wait a while as the next game, titled Rainbow Skies, isn't due to arrive until late 2014.

Published by Eastasiasoft and once more developed SideQuest Studios, the code shop that handled the previous game, the official site promises A “completely new game set in a new world with new characters and a new story,”.  

Fans of the original should take heart however, as Rainbow Skies is built on Rainbow Moon‘s battle system, but, according to the blog post on the official site, players can expect “an even deeper and more versatile” experience.

Some of the other new features include monsters that can be caught, upgraded and become part of the player's group, new treasure-hunt quests which are bolstered by an improved side quest system, buildings which can be entered and explored, new mini games and a whole lot more besides.  

In regards to the destination platforms, the developer has been somewhat coy; only casting vague mentions of "consoles and handheld" in relation to the late 2014 release.  

Given the heritage of the developer thus far however, I would say its a safe to assume that Rainbow Moon will arrive on PS3, PS Vita and most likely, PS4 as well once details of the latter's Playstation Network infrastructure have been brought to light.

Rainbow Skies Screenshots