New Square-Enix News

We've just got our hands on the latest batch of magazines from over in Japan, and there's some interesting tidbits of news within the pages for all you RPG fans out there...

First off, Final Fantasy VII's PSP Prequel, Crisis Core. Latest reports say that the game will contain materia and limit break attacks from Final Fantasy VII - though what ones will feature remains a mystery - and that the title is a whopping 70% complete, which is a huge jump over 40%, the last number we were given.

The game will be appearing in a playable form at the Square Enix Party 2007. We'll have impressions when that time comes.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix is nearing release and the release of more information ramps up the hype a little more with more news on the remake. Aparrently additional scenes in the game have no voice acting, only subtitles, but there's meant to be a reason for this. Also reported is that there'll be a new area which does not have a save point in it. Hardly the most exciting news ever, and we're skeptical about the in-game reasoning behind the lack of voice acting - but we'll wait to get our hands on the final Japanese version before we judge.

Readers were also warned not to expect the announcement of a new Kingdom Hearts game at the upcoming Square Enix Party 2007.

Another tidbit of news comes regarding Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the sequel to Final Fantasy XII exclusively for Nintendo DS. There's no new news on the game itself, but the magazine does feature an all new character - a Judge with wings.

Finally, in a piece of news that will likely excite the most people, Square-Enix are set to showcase updated trailers for the three Final Fantasy XIII games for PS3 and mobile phones at the Square-Enix Party 2007.

We'll bring you more Square Enix news as we get it - we're as eager for that FF13 trailer as you!

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