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Class of Heroes II set to reach presale goal

After facing a minor setback last year after failing to meet their Kickstarter goal, MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks have nevertheless persevered and are still looking to release a physical edition of the dungeon-crawler RPG Class of Heroes II late this month.

Through the presale page that went live a couple of weeks ago, buyers can pay $36.99 to purchase a digital voucher that will grant them a physical UMD and digital version of the game when it is released. They are already nearing the 2,500 presale goal that they were looking for, and they expect "complete fulfillment" of orders within the next 4-8 weeks. By limiting the number of orders that can be made, this will make it one of the rarest PSP titles out there. Preorders will end May 12th at midnight PST.

Physical goods will be ordered through Amazon and shipped to the address on your Amazon account, while digital codes will be sent to the email address tied to the account. The digital version is compatible with the PlayStation Vita.

If you would like to read the (enlightening) interview I conducted with MonkeyPaw Games' John Greiner and Gaijinworks' Vic Ireland, you can read that here. You can watch the English trailer above if you would like to learn more about the game.

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