Unnamed parties interested in Kingdoms of Amalur IP sale

For those of you who enjoyed your time in Amalur and would perhaps like a continuation, it looks like there might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. 

As per the ongoing case against developer 38 Studios and Curt Schilling which will result in the State of Rhode Island selling the IP and all its associated assets, legal folk who are involved in the proceedings have said that  unnamed parties are interested in the purchase of the property. 

In an interview with the Providence Journal, lawyer Richard J. Land let loose the nugget of info saying, “Who knows what the value ultimately will be. But there is interest in the assets,” which raises the suggestion that a developer or publisher has approached the administrators in the case vis-a-vis a potential sale of the IP.

The court hearings are due to get underway on Wednesday, so hopefully, we'll hear something then.

Personally, I would be quite psyched to see Kingdoms of Amalur get another bite at the apple.

What about you lot?

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