Square-Enix Party 2007 News

Square-Enix is hosting the Square-Enix Party 2007 this weekend, and for those of you who can't fly all the way to Japan, we've decided to help you out and show you what Square-Enix has in stock for 2007 and the future.

Let's start talking about Final Fantasy IV. Earlier this week, Square announced a 3D DS remake of the classic Final Fantasy RPG. During the SE Party, it was revealed that the game developer would be a studio called Matrix, which had previously worked in the development of FF III for the DS. Takashi Tokita will work as the executive producer of FF IV, instead of Hiromichi Tanaka. Asano Tomiya will return as the producer and Hiroyuki Itou will be the battle system supervisor. The Final Fantasy IV remake will also include voice acting.

New details regarding Final Fantasy Dissidia were also unveiled. During the SE Party, a trailer featuring a fierce battle between the Warrior of Light and Garland from Final Fantasy I was shown. The trailer then showed another fight, this time between Final Fantasy IX's Kuja and Zidane. As if those two battles weren't enough, just before the trailer ended, a silhouette of a man looking a lot like Sephiroth appeared standing on top of molten lava. Final Fantasy Dissidia will be released for the PSP.

Furthermore, a new trailer for Crisis Core showed the battle between Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis and highlighted the scene were Zack is shot just outside of Midgar. Square-Enix also announced that they will be giving away interesting items such as a PSP machine when Final Fantasy Crisis Core hits store shelves later this year in Japan.

Final Fantasy XI fans will be happy to know that the new expansion pack will be called Crusaders of Altana in Japan and the North-American version will be named Wings of the Goddess. Square-Enix said that Crusaders of Altana will be released sometime in winter 2007.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII was shown during the SE Party. Shiva and a creature similar to Ifrit were depicted among a couple of other familiar scenes. A new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was unveiled. After a battle with some soldiers, the game's main character entered a building where he encountered a man dressed in a white robe. Before the trailer ended, the two men started a vicious battle.

Last but not least, the secret ending movie of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ served as an introduction to fans waiting to hear more about the new KH project. After the movie ended, a screen appeared and said that new information would be available at the Tokyo Game Show 2007.

Stay sharp for more information regarding the Square-Enix Party 2007, here at RPGSite.

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