Special Edition Zelda Wii U Console outed in Wind Waker HD video slip

A slip-up at Nintendo that saw the company press go on a YouTube video ahead of time appears to have revealed an upcoming special edition Wii U console to celebrate the game's impending release.

The video, spotted by NeoGAF, isn't centered around the special edition Wii U, but the end of the video depicts a Wii U console and gamepad, the latter adorned with iconic Zelda imagery in the series' trademark golden colors. The video has since been pulled from YouTube, but we managed to nab a screenshot.

The video in question is designed to show off the new 'Hero Mode' the game features, which is essentially a hard mode for Wind Waker HD. It makes enemies do double damage, but also stops the random drop of recovery hearts entirely - which should make the game pretty challenging.

Check out an screengrab of the section of the video in question below.