Level 5 Announces Their New Cross-Platform RPG, Wonder Flick

Level 5 had their Vision 2013 conference today, showcasing the titles that the company plans to bring out in the next year.  One of the heavy-hitters at the show was Wonder Flick, an RPG that will be available in Japan on the iOS and Android in November, and PS4, Xbox One, Vita, Wii U, and PS3 in 2014.  The title will feature cross-platform saving, so you can for example play on the Vita, then save and transfer your data to the PS4 version without losing any progress.

Wonder Flick seems to involve a plot like many other games:  There's a kingdom in peril, and you are tasked to save it.  What is interesting about Wonder Flick is the battle system; it requires a second screen to play.  The Wii U will use its GamePad, and the Xbox One the SmartGlass, but PlayStation 4 users will need a tablet or smartphone to sync up and enjoy the game.  There's no information about how this will work with the Vita or PlayStation 3 yet (it is quite possible that the PS3 would use the Vita for the second screen, though).

There is no Western release date for Wonder Flick, but you can check out the reveal trailer below:

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