FF4 DS Fails to dent UK Charts - Square pins hopes on Dragon Quest

Numbers from Chart Track, the videogame sales tracking authority in the UK have shown that Final Fantasy IV DS failed to dent the all formats chart upon it's week of release, showing a disappointing performance for Square-Enix's top RPG, which we called one of the greatest remakes ever.

The game failed to enter the all formats chart in the top 40 positions listed at all, and only managed a meager 20th placement in the DS chart. It's predecessor, Final Fantasy III DS, entered the DS chart at number 3.

Representatives at Square-Enix Europe said that they were disappointed with FF4's performance, but hoped that it would pick up in the following weeks and also have high hopes for this week's new release Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, reviewed today.

Square will be hoping the beautiful graphics of Dragon Quest will draw sales..