Final Fantasy Agito heading to iOS and Android

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy Agito for iOS and Android in this week's Famitsu, confirming what the recent trademark registration was about.


Agito will be an alternate take on Final Fantasy Type-0 and will feature the cast of Type-0, with Ace, Rem and Jack some of the characters referenced in the Famitsu article. A new character by the name of Myuu Kagerohi, however, will make an appearance. She will be voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.

The story will be played out in chapters as well as numerous decisions made by the playerbase within the community. New chapters will become available every two weeks, during which, players will have ten days to take on the missions on their own, while the remaining four days will see players having to work together to take on boss fights.

The main game will be F2P, according to sister site Nova Crystallis, but players will be able to pay for items to help recover energy points and other things.

Type-0 director Hajime Tabata will be producer for the project, whilst Masayasu Nishida - known for his work on Star Ocean - will direct. Takeharu Ishimoto will return as composer. For his part, Tabata said he hopes those who didn't buy the original Type-0 in 2011 will pick up Agito. More details are expected to drop later today on and at Tokyo Game Show next week.

With the game's mobile platforms - of note: Agito is said to look better graphically than Type-0 on PSP - this almost feels like a homecoming. At E3 2006, the game we now know as Final Fantasy Type-0 was announced as Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and would be coming to Japanese mobile devices, long before iOS and Android became bigtime players in the games industry.

It'd be two years later at Square Enix's DKS3137 event the game would jump platforms to PlayStation Portable. And it'd be two-and-a-half years after that event that Agito would eventually be renamed to Final Fantasy Type-0.