Chain of Memories PS2 for Europe? Not this year

Square Enix PR Representatives have revealed that there are currently no plans to release Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories in Europe in spite of the upcoming American release.

Following yesterday's confirmation of a US release, we got in touch with Square-Enix Europe to confirm if Europe would follow suit as fans suspected. "Potential for a UK or EU release is currently in limbo," Alex Huhtala, acting Head of Square Enix Europe's PR department told us. "Right now there are no immediate plans to bring the game to Europe, and it would be near impossible to manage before Christmas."

Fans will likely be disappointed; but Square Enix is listening. "We're aware of the fan demand, and we'll do our best to bring the game to Europe, even as a limited release," Alex added, hoping to reassure series fans who are desperate for the title.

Yesterday Square-Enix USA announced the title at the Gamestop Convention, stating that the game will be landing in America this November with a budget price. The title is a remake of a cult Game Boy Advance classic, translated to 3D with equally technically improved music and a fully voice acted story to boot, all additions from the original.

It was initially developed in Japan as a piece of bonus content for those who bought the special edition of Kingdom Hearts II.

We'll bring a full review of the US version when it arrives in November. In the meantime, Europeans should begin praying to the release god now that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories comes to their region in 2009.

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