Square DS Titles Continue Poor Chart Performance

As we reported last week, Final Fantasy IV for Nintendo DS failed to perform in the UK charts, entering the DS chart at number 20 and failing to enter the all-formats chart at all.

Square-Enix were hoping that this week's Dragon Quest would sport improved sales and that potentially Final Fantasy IV DS could climb the chart. Sadly, the latest figures from Chart Track reveals that Dragon Quest's release failed to impress as FF4 did.

Final Fantasy IV DS dropped from number 20 to number 28 in the Nintendo DS chart - and once again failed to chart in the all-formats. Meanwhile, Dragon Quest IV performed even worse, failing to chart in the top 50 DS games at all, obviously not making the all-formats chart either.

Meanwhile, Square-Enix's Infinite Undiscovery also disappeared off the all formats chart, spelling a particularly bad few weeks of releases for the company.