Final Fantasy veterans gather for mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy


For the past few days, Japanese mobile game developer Cygames has been talking about a "blockbuster JRPG" that will rock the fans. Talking up the acquisition of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu and Hideo Minaba, the man who served as the art director for Final Fantasy VI, IX, and XII, among other roles.

We have now learned (as reported by Siliconera) that this game is called Granblue Fantasy, a command-based JRPG that will be available through the Japanese portal Mobage. Aside from some screenshots being released which you can see below (hello there, smartphone dimensions), but also the very first trailer. Uematsu has composed 11 tracks for the game, while Minaba has drawn around 100 characters for the game.

Cygames has opened a pretty well-made official website for the game, featuring Uematsu's amazing music. Seriously - I could spend all day listening to it in the background. It's difficult to say whether this game will see shores outside of Japan, but if Cygames wants this game to be as big as it's proclaiming, there's at least a good chance here. And hey, as far as it being a mobile game is concerned, Chaos Rings was pretty good.

Granblue Fantasy Media

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