Square Targets Existing Fans with Chrono Trigger Adverts

Square Enix have taken an interesting approach to marketing the upcoming Nintendo DS remake of the Super Nintendo Classic Chrono Trigger, marketing it directly at those who have already played, completed and have nostalgia for the game.

The advert which is now appearing in various magazines simply features the phrase "Good Morning, Crono!" in the clearly recognisable font from the first game.

Below that is the date the game is set to be released - November 25, 2008 AD - referring to the time travel gameplay of the title. It also points gamers to goodmorningcrono.com.

This is an interesting advert choice, especially because the font used her to evoke memories of the first game actually isn't in the DS version, which has a different font. Should Square be marketing the game to the same people again? Or perhaps they should be targeting new gamers... Let us know in the comments field.