Square Enix brings the Virtual Console Love

Nintendo has announced at the Game Developers Conference that Square Enix will continue it's heavy support of Nintendo's WiiWare and Virtual Console download services by bringing more games to the service.

First up is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord. As it sounds, it's a sequel to My Life as a King, this time having you play as an evil overlord.

Second is the much-rumoured Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, confirmed by us here on RPGSite back in September.

In addition to this, Japan will see Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV V and VI hit the Virtual Console, something fans have been wishing on for quite some time. Sadly, Western Audiences will likely initially only get the games that were translated back in the day - I, IV and VI respectively.

We'll bring you more on Square Enix from GDC as we get it.

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