Ar no Surge gets its first trailer

Ar no Surge marks the spiritual return of the Ar Tonelico series. Sure - it technically ended with Ar Tonelico Qogabut not only does it feature appearances from characters featured in those titles, but may as well just be the 4th entry with everything it going for it. 

Today, Gust has posted the very first trailer for the game. While only lasting for a minute, it does give us a look at some of the characters and pieces of gameplay that players will get to experience, wrapped up with some of that beautiful animation.

Oh, Tecmo Koei - you have been very good to us these past couple years since you bought up Gust (even if sometimes you don't like to tell anyone). I seriously hope you're looking at bringing this title over. Sure, the dating sim predecessor Ciel no Surge didn't make it, which is a bummer, but I would love to play this game.

You can also check out the very pretty intro to the game below along with a batch of artwork.

Ar no Surge Art
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