Atelier Totori Plus Appears on PSN



In a move that would may leave many fans throwing their hands up in the air in mass disbelief, Tecmo Koei has unceremoniously dropped Atelier Totori Plus on to the North American PlayStation Network today as a digital exclusive.

The game is priced at $39.99 and features all of the DLC released on the PlayStation 3 version, such as the extra characters Ceci, Cordelia, and Iksel; new costumes; and new accessories. A bilingual audio option is also available for you purists out there. Until April 16th, anyone who buys the game will also get the 'Angel Swimsuit' and Devil Bikini' costume DLC for free.

Keep in mind that Sony is still running their "Spend $50, Get A $10 Credit" deal until the end of the month, so you could throw in a good PS1 RPG or something on top of this game. There is no word yet on a European release.

With Atelier Ayesha releasing only two weeks ago, it seems rather odd not to even put out a single word to either the press or to the community when all we had going on before was rumors of a localization here in the West, but there you have it!


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