Ghostlight Games bringing Agarest: Generations of War Zero to Steam

Moments ago, UK game publisher Ghostlight Games announced that they will be bringing Agarest: Generations of War Zero to the Steam distribution platform later next month with the help of developer Laughing Jackal.

Serving as a prequel to Agarest: Generations of War , the story follows the young officer Sieghart who meets a strange girl in the midst of a war between light and darkness that has spread across generations. This encounter may very well change the world.

The game boasts over 80 hours worth of content with tactical battles that utilize a new Card Skill System that allows players to change their character's style of combat to help turn the tide. The game will also include the Soul Breed System from the original Agarest that lets players choose their own bride that allows them to make offspring based off their compatible attributes.

The Steam version will include mouse/keyboard/gamepad support, Steam achievements, and support for higher resolutions. You can watch a trailer for the PS3 version below. Ghostlight Games also noted that they are working on bringing 2 more Japanese titles to PC (something tells me one of those games are Agarest: Generations of War 2).