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Class of Heroes 2G shows off its dual screen gameplay

Earlier today, developer Gaijinworks posted a video demo showing off the unique "Dual Screen" feature that will be present in the localized version of Class of Heroes 2G. It's basically what I would imagine what this game would look like on the WiiU - you can play the PS3 version off of your Vita/PSP, while the Vita/PSP screen displays all of the different menus, maps, pertinent info, and more. It's also easy to see the nicely-improved visuals that come on the console release with the bump in resolution.

Producer and Gaijinworks head honcho Victor Ireland had this to say about a possible physical release for the titie: "There will be a poll soon on the main page of the Gaijinworks web page.  If enough interest is there to support a one-time run of physical copies, there will be one. The threshold is higher because the royalties are much higher on PS3 vs PSP, but it's still a tiny number relative to PS3 sales. The poll will run for 30 days. Keep an eye out for it!?"

Class of Heroes 2G will be released in the West later this year. To learn more, you can check out my review for Class of Heroes 2 right here.

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