Shin Megami Tensei now available on iOS

After many long years, the original Shin Megami Tensei has finally been released on Western shores.  It's been a long time coming, but Western fans of the series can finally get their hands on and experience the title that kicked off the flagship franchise of Atlus - this time on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

The title has an standard retail price of $7.99, but those who pick up the title before the end of the month can nab it from the Apple App store at the slightly reduced special launch price of $5.99, saving a few bucks.  If you're interested in this mobile RPG, you can pick it up from the App Store right here in your browser - just click here

With Shin Megami Tensei perhaps no longer Atlus' biggest series in the West - eclipsed by its little brother, Persona, Atlus USA has seen fit to release a bit of additional information about the title to get those unaware up to speed:

Everything little thing matters: Character choices play a major role in SMT. Not only do they affect the outcome of the game's ending, but also critical gameplay elements along the way -- from the facilities players can access to the equipment they can use -- even limiting the demons that are recruitable.

  Fuse at your own risk: With two alignment scales to deal with, Law vs. Chaos and Light vs. Dark, micromanaging teams of demon soldiers becomes an addicting challenge.

A bit longer than a bathroom break: Shin Megami Tensei is the full-fledged version of the role-playing game, meaning it's 40-60 hours' worth of dungeon crawling in your pocket, everywhere you go.

The first of its kind: Unless you were prescient enough to import the title from Japan and proficient enough in the language to understand the nuances of the intricate story, this is the first time the story of Shin Megami Tensei is being told in North America. 

While there is an Android version of the title, it has not been announced for an English release yet.